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Tooth Sensitivity and Sensitivity Bonding

What is Sensitivity Bonding and how does it relieve tooth sensitivity?


There are many causes of Tooth Sensitivity, but most occurrences are brought on by worn tooth enamel, a cracked or chipped tooth, a cavity or exposed tooth roots. If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, it might just be able to be treated quickly and easily in just 1 visit!

A dental bonding treatment is a good solution for sensitive teeth since we do not need to remove any of the enamel. We merely need to roughen the tooth surface before starting the bonding, then apply the tooth-colored bonding material to the tooth. The bonding material functions like the enamel that has been lost and the sensitivity goes away!

Reduce and eliminate tooth sensitivity

Patients who’ve had Sensitivity Bonding show a great improvement immediately. If you’d like to see if this is a solution that will work for your smile, call our office today and set up an appointment.