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First Visit

We like to have a full picture of our situation before offering treatment recommendations. This is why your first visit is so important. It allows us to review your oral history, while examining each tooth’s structure, enamel, root system, and gum-line.

Your First Visit at Glazer Dental covers:

– Review your Medical History
– Digital X-Rays
– A Comprehensive Examination:
• Evaluation of each tooth
• Joint Functionality Examination
• Soft Tissue Examination
• Oral Cancer Screening
• Periodontal Evaluation

When Your First Visit is for a problem you have right now:

For Immediate Treatment of a Dental Problem
– we’ll immediately schedule a priority appointment for you
– and strive to fix the problem that same day

Call us and the team at Glazer Dental will do our best to get you swift and effective treatment, whether it is your first visit or you’ve been a patient for years.

Download our New Patient Form

Here is our New Patient Registration form and a Medical History form. Julie, our front desk receptionist, will collect them before your first appointment. If you don’t get around to filling these out prior to your first visit to our office, please come in about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and Julie will give you the paperwork at that time.