We know you may have a few questions before coming into our Durham office, and we are here to help. Here are a few of our top dental questions to help ease your mind and make your visit better.

Our Durham CT dental office is equipped with Digital Dental X-Rays, Intraoral Cameras, IPS E MAAX – CAD/CAM technology, and Hospital-Grade Sterilization equipment. We are very active with our continuing education and spend a great deal of thought considering new technology to add to the office and how it would benefit our patients.

We can do a lot in-office beyond cleanings and fillings. We have experience with implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, root canals, cold sensitivity bonding, all forms of cosmetic dentistry, preventing teeth grinding, periodontics, and more. Basically, when it comes to your oral care, we’ve got you covered.

We use our first visit as an opportunity to get to know you and your current state of dental health. We would like you to have your former dental office forward any dental records and x-rays. We take a short medical history. And we spend time getting to know you. If you have dental insurance, we request you bring the information with you, and if you use a night guard or other dental device, we ask you to bring that as well.

We accept some dental insurance. Please call ahead and we can review your program. Unlike health insurance most dental plans do not require we be in-network for them to pay a portion of the invoice.

We do not offer financing in the traditional sense, but we are willing to work with you to get you needed dental care in a way that meets your budgetary needs.

Yes, we use biocompatible white filling composites. This filling material is metal-free, mercury-free, preserves the tooth structure, is less invasive than metal fillings, and offers little to no sensitivity.

If you’ve cracked or chipped a tooth, call our office for an emergency appointment. We will try to get you in to the office quickly and will assess the situation and devise a plan of action with you.

We are based in Durham CT at 16 Main Street in suite 203, near the fork of 79 and 17 south. Our patients come from all around including: Durham CT, Middletown CT, Middlefield CT, Northford CT, Killingworth CT, Haddam CT, and North Branford CT.

Fluoride has been a great ally in the dental industry for decades. Tooth enamel can wear away over time and our teeth are unable to repair or regrow this valuable layer. When enamel is gone, the tooth will become sensitive or painful, is unprotected for cavities, and is more prone to breakage. Fluoride bonds with teeth creating a new layer that acts with or in place of enamel, protecting the tooth from these common issues.

Just like the old Pepsodent toothpaste ads used to say, “Use Pepsodent every day – see your dentist twice a year.” Science has shown that people who brush twice daily and attend dental cleanings and screenings twice yearly have less dental problems, fewer cavities, and require less dental work. We believe that this is due to prevention and it saves the patient a lot of time, money, and pain over the years.