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Instrument Sterilization

Glazer Dental utilizes state-of-the-art washing/disinfection and Instrument Sterilization of equipment for thorough cleansing and effective sterilization of our instruments. Our systems and protocols provide optimal safety benefits for our patients with superior cleaning of instruments compared to other methods.


Heat and Vapor Instrument Sterilization

Heat stable critical and semi-critical instruments are cleaned and sterilized before use by using steam under pressure (autoclaving).

Critical and semi-critical instruments or containers of critical and semi-critical Instrument Sterilization by a heat or vapor method are packaged or wrapped before sterilization if they are not to be used immediately after being sterilized. These packages or containers remain sealed unless the instruments within them are placed onto a setup tray and covered with a moisture impervious barrier on the day the instruments will be used, and are stored in a manner so as to prevent contamination.

All high-speed dental hand pieces, low-speed hand piece components used intraorally, and other dental unit attachments such as reusable air/water syringe tips and ultrasonic scaler tips, are heat-sterilized between patients.


Single Use Dental Instruments

Single use disposable instruments (prophylaxis angles, prophylaxis cups and brushes, tips for high-speed evacuators, saliva ejectors, air/water syringe tips) are used for one patient only and discarded.

Disposable needles, syringes, scalpel blades or other sharp items and instruments are placed into sharps containers for disposal according to all applicable regulations.


Instrument Sterilization and Maintenance

Proper functioning of the sterilization cycle is verified at least weekly through the use of a biological indicator, such as a spore test.


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