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Teeth Whitening

Interested in Teeth Whitening?


Discolored or yellow teeth are caused by certain foods, beverages, smoking, aging, poor hygiene, genetics, medications, or any combination of these factors. No matter the reasons, we provide dentist-assisted Teeth Whitening options for our patients.

Our At-Home Whitening treatment system includes custom-made whitening trays that we design to fit your teeth. You fill the trays with a prescription strength bleaching gel at home and wear them for an hour a day for two weeks.


The benefits of teeth whitening include:


• The custom trays enable us to use the highest potency bleaching agent possible without causing sensitivity because they don’t cover your gum tissue.
• Less mess and greater comfort than off the shelf retail products
• Reduced issues of potential sensitivity, compared to in-office proceedures

Learn more about our at-home Teeth Whitening by calling our office and making an appointment with the Glazer Dental team!