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White Fillings

White fillings repair issues while keeping your smile flawless


White fillings are done with a tooth colored, biocompatible, stable filling material that is metal free. They are used to replace decayed and broken tooth structure. They provide a long term fix for cavities and chipped teeth. The filling bonds directly to the tooth and can be custom shaded to match the color of your actual tooth.

Following the removal of the decayed tooth structure, we place the filling in layers using a specialized light designed to harden each layer.

Our white fillings are the healthier alternative to conventional silver-mercury amalgam fillings.


Benefits of White Fillings include:


• Metal-free / mercury-free
• Virtually matches your natural tooth color
• Preserves more tooth structure then metal fillings
• Less invasive than metal fillings
• Bonds directly to tooth
• Little or no sensitivity
• Able to eat on right away


If you’d like to replace your existing metal fillings or believe you are in need of a new filling, call our Durham dental office today and the Glazer Dental staff will set you up with an appointment.